About Our Organizational Member Benefits

ACCO's organizational packages are organized in 4 tiers. Each package includes a corresponding number of individual membership slots that enables those individuals to enjoy the full set of ACCO's individual membership benefits.  Some of the benefits featured exclusively in organizational packages include:

  • Dedicated Training & Research Support: We leverage our vast network of members, partners and stakeholders to the benefit of our members.
  • Peer Exchanges: ACCO convenes members for virtual discussions on your selected topic.
  • Solutions Groups: ACCO will expand on the peer exchanges to include external experts and partner organizations on your selected topic, and explore the launch of a corresponding working group with a tangible goal, as appropriate.
  • Leadership Academy: Leveraging the curriculum developed under ACCO's credentialing program, ACCO will conduct an annual climate change leadership development program exclusively available to individuals designated by ACCO organizational members.
  • Branding & Recognition: Organizational packages come with recognition in/on ACCO's web site, CCO Weekly Brief, our member portal and ACCO events.
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