Part 7: Taking Matters into Your Own Hands

President Trump has just announced his intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement.  Do not let this moment paralyze you -- the time to double down on climate leadership is now. 

Remember, meaningful change results from populist movements and institutional leadership (companies and subnational governments). 

So here are some steps you can and should be considering:

For Individuals and Practitioners

  • Call for leaders across sectors to drive sensible climate change mandates and policy.
  • Join advocacy and activist efforts calling for climate action.  Many voices together are more powerful than one voice or disconnected voices .
  • Develop and hone your skills in advancing climate initiatives in your company, organization or community leveraging the broadest range of strategies possible.
  • Donate to mission driven organizations that are effectively advancing climate change solutions.
  • Write your elected representative(s) at all levels of government -- but, in particular, focus intently on local and state government officials.

For Organizational Executives

  • Take and announce bold actions committing to more aggressive initiatives and goals, thus helping to shape a marketplace that demands greenhouse gas reduction, adaptive capacity and resilience.
  • Mandate climate change and renewable energy related training for your workforce.  If you can do this for cybersecurity and workplace harassment, imagine what you can do to activate and develop a climate smart workforce.
  • Write your elected representatives at all levels of government informing them of the importance of sound policy to enable your organization to manage risks, seize opportunity and ensure that it flourishes.  Think bottom line.
  • Re-assess your membership, sponsorship and philanthropic efforts to ensure that you are getting the most value out of those vital resources, and that they are the most effective solutions.  Get more engaged with the entities to ensure success on all sides.

For Non-Profit & Mission Driven Organization Leaders

  • We are more effective supporting and aligning our efforts.  It's time we come together to strengthen each other and ensure success.  ACCO's doors are open and we look forward to working with you.