Course Description

The National Park Service (NPS) is dedicated to the protection of natural and cultural resources at over four hundred park units across the United States. Within these parks, the NPS must also manage the largest number of constructed assets of any civilian agency in the federal government, including a range of structures, maintained landscapes, trails, and utility systems. Facilities managers play a critical role in successfully managing this wide portfolio of assets through the effects of a changing climate. 

This two-hour webinar event will orient facilities managers to existing policies that guide NPS climate change response actions. Participants will learn how to recognize opportunities to meaningfully reduce our contribution to green house house gas emissions and adapt our facilities to a changing climate. Particular focus will be paid to cultural resources, mitigation efforts, and coastal facilities.


2:00p - Introduction & Training Context

2:10p - A Holistic Agency Response

2:20p - Applying Policy & Guidance to Management Decisions

2:30p - Q&A

2:40p - Greening NPS Operations

2:55p - Cultural Resources: Policies relevant for facility decisions

3:10p - Q&A

3:20p - Stewardship of Facilities in the Coastal Zone

3:30p -  Facility Manager Resources & Capital Investment

3:50p - Q&A / Closing

4:00p - Adjourn

Course Instructors & Presenters

  • PFMD Chief Bob Wilbur
  • Cat Hawkins Hoffman
  • Larry Perez
  • Jeff Mow
  • Shawn Norton
  • Marcy Rockman
  • Rebecca Beavers
  • Rich Turk
  • Daniel Kreeger (ACCO)