We've all seen the substantial havoc and destruction of hurricanes, droughts and wildfires across the United States.  The 2016 Ellicott City flood and ongoing nuisance flooding throughout the eastern shore is a call for Maryland leaders to institutionalize climate change into decision-making in local/state government and critical infrastructure sectors. 

The time is now for Maryland leaders to ensure that our residents and businesses are prepared for the increasingly frequent impacts of climate related events and to best position communities and businesses to be healthy, secure and economically vibrant.

On May 21, participants will discuss a vision for the nation's first statewide climate academy, a joint venture between the State of Maryland and the Association of Climate Change Officers. 

Additionally, the meeting hosts will present a vision for establishing a collaborative network of local/state government and infrastructure sector leaders focused upon knowledge exchange, cohort learning and resource sharing.

Conceptualizing the Prospective Academy and Network

Prospective Actions through these Initiatives:

Participants would work together to shape and prioritize efforts, such as:

  • Aligning climate action with economic development
  • Advancing statewide preparedness and resilience
  • Scaling up clean energy development and consumption
  • Engaging the public to build better understanding and support
  • Developing goals and implementation strategies
  • Providing support to member communities in taking action locally
  • Sharing and aggregating community and staff resources
  • Cohort training to institutionalize clean energy and climate preparedness into critical decision-making roles

Academy Steering Committee:

The Academy's steering committee is being formed over the next few weeks.  Committee members will be published here shortly.

Meeting Agenda

(click here download a PDF of the agenda)

Setting the Stage for Bold Action (9:30a – 12:00p)

  • State of the State of Maryland
  • A Glance at Maryland’s Climate Policy Response
  • Maryland’s Adaptation to a Changing Climate

Working Lunch (12:00p – 2:15p)

  • Forging Collaboration Between State & Local Leaders
  • Insights from Other State & Local Initiatives

Maryland Rising: Building Up Statewide Climate Capacity (2:15pm – 3:15pm)

  • The Case for Institutionalizing Climate Into Decision-Making
  • A Vision for Establishing the Maryland Climate Academy

Next Steps (3:15p – 4:30p)

  • Facilitated Discussion
  • Flipchart SWAT Analysis