Energy, water and food/agriculture systems are inextricably linked. Understanding the intersection of these three systems is important since a disruption can present serious risks to an organization and lead to cascading impacts. This session will cover the linkages of these systems as well as the impacts, risks, and opportunities associated with the energy, water and agriculture/food nexus, and how it relates to greenhouse gases. Bootcamp instructors will provide examples of how these interdependencies can play out in a warming world.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the relationship between water, energy, and food systems
  • Identifying the cascading implications resulting from shortages or disruptions in these systems
  • Appreciating the complexities of the interconnected relationships
  • Examining implications of an organization’s resource use
  • Recognizing the unintended consequences of addressing one aspect of the nexus without addressing the others
  • Understanding how changes in climate affect these systems, and the relationship to greenhouse gases

Course Architects

  • Michael Hightower – Program Lead, Energy Systems Analysis Department, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Mike Hornsby – Adjunct Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Bryan Jacob – Chief Climate Coach, Climate Coach International
  • Elias Lazarus – Research Scientist, Global Footprint Network
  • Jordan Macknick – Energy and Environmental Analyst, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Carl Nettleton – President, Nettleton Strategies, Inc.
  • Diana Pape – Vice President, ICF International
  • Angela Rolufs – Director, Office of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engagement, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Andrew Schwarz – Engineer, Water Resources, California Department of Water Resources
  • Meghan Stasz – Senior Director, Sustainability, Grocery Manufacturers Association 

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Sample Screen Shots from the GHG-102 Online Course Module