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On May 19*, elected officials from 27 Colorado cities and counties signed a pledge to build their capacity to tackle climate change by forming the Compact of Colorado Communities.  The Compact will provide critical staff and leadership training, and will help these local governments plan and implement important projects that will create jobs, reduce Colorado’s footprint and enhance preparedness through highly visible programs and projects in these communities.  Additional local government leaders are expected to join the Compact over the next few weeks.

This pledge form enables you to support the Compact and its members. Compact donors will not only be recognized for championing community solutions, but you would be supporting tangible projects that will make a visible difference in your communities and to your employees.

The pledge process is simple – just fill out the adjacent form.  We’ll send instructions on processing donations within a few weeks.

All donations made to the Compact will be collected by ACCO, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All contributions are charitable and tax exempt.  

If your organization is interested in a sponsorship package as an alternative, please contact Daniel Kreeger ( to discuss.