Compact Mission:

Advance capacity of Colorado cities and counties to develop and implement aggressive climate change initiatives thus ensuring security and economic prosperity.


The Compact ensures that Colorado communities are sustainable, prosperous and responsible through accelerated capacity building, alignment of resources and interests, and public engagement on climate change action.

Key Areas:

Compact members will work together to shape and prioritize Compact efforts, such as:

  • Aligning climate action with economic development
  • Advancing statewide preparedness and resilience
  • Scaling up clean energy development and consumption
  • Engaging the public to build better understanding and support
  • Developing greenhouse gas reduction goals and implementation strategies
  • Providing support to member communities in taking action locally

A Commitment to Action

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Webinar Preview of the Compact
(click here to download the corresponding slide deck)

Joining the Compact
(Cities & Counties Only):

Information on the formal process for joining the Compact will be published here shortly.  Please contact Daniel Kreeger for more information in the meantime.

Supporting the Compact
(All Other Organizations):

The Compact is seeking support in the following areas:

  • Financial and grant contributions to support administrative staff and related costs
  • Pro bono services from providers with expertise in greenhouse gas management, renewable energy, and/or climate adaptation and resilience
  • Endorsement from public-sector and not-for-profit organizations

Reference the RFI below or contact Daniel Kreeger for more information about supporting the Compact.