Local elected officials and city/county managers play a critical role in establishing sound policies that position communities to successfully reduce emissions and enhance adaptive capacity while ensuring public health, economic vitality and security.

ACCO has convened a group of local government practitioners, elected officials and experts to establish a curriculum for local elected officials and city/county managers.  Participation in this task force is open to all ACCO members and individuals invited by ACCO. 

Sample Topics

  • Climate change and impacts on local governments and communities

  • Building a dialogue and partnership with the public on climate change

  • What are the policy authorities that local leaders have? Where are they incentivized or prohibited?

  • Tools that policy makers can apply

  • Governance and human resource needs

Working Group Participants

  • Nancy Gassman - Interim Deputy Public Works Director, City of Fort Lauderdale (Florida)

  • Paul Miller - Director of Credentialing & Training Programs, ACCO

  • Daniel Nees - Senior Research Associate, Center for Global Sustainability, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

  • Anita Seitz - Councilmember, City of Westminster (Colorado)

  • Lucinda Smith - Acting Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Fort Collins

  • Susanne Torriente - Chief Resilience Officer, City of Miami Beach

  • Dick White - Council Member, City of Durango