Governance-203: Collaborating Beyond Organizational & Institutional Boundaries


Governance-203: Collaborating Beyond Organizational & Institutional Boundaries

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Duration: 1 hour 46 minutes

The complex and evolving systems implications of climate change require institutions to work together across organizational boundaries to effective reduce emissions, enhance adaptive capacity and improve resilience to extreme events.  Each organization is accountable for its own actions, but no organization will successfully prepare for and take responsible actions without meaningful collaboration with peers and neighboring institutions.   This course module will examine the critical aspects of shared understanding, securing commitment, incentives and urgency in driving cross-organizational climate action.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding when and how to collaborate with other organizations and institutions

  • Identifying the right organizations and people to engage

  • Building a shared value proposition for collaboration and securing institutional commitment

  • Choosing the right methods and models for implementation

  • Establishing benchmarks and metrics to determine success

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