ACCO is establishing a network of academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and other education providers to ensure greater access to critical climate change training resources.

Third party institutions can now submit their training activities and conferences for accreditation under ACCO credentialing programs. Positioning your institution or company as an ACCO Accredited Provider® promotes your courses as “Registered with ACCO Credentialing Programs,” allowing attendees of your programs to easily satisfy elective and continuing education requirements for ACCO credentials.

Your partnership with the Association of Climate Change Officers demonstrates your commitment to provide training on integrating climate change into decision-making. Join us in developing a climate-smart workforce!

  • Single Events: Accredited events are listed in our Featured Accredited Events calendar. ACCO will issue communications about upcoming accredited events, and will also simplify the process for credential applicants to demonstrate fulfillment of elective requirements when attending accredited events.
  • Annual Providers: As an ACCO Accredited Provider®, you will increase the value of participation in your programming, as well as inclusion in our ACCO Accredited Provider® Directory (to be published shortly), which will feature institutions and specific training events beginning in February 2017.

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How It Works

  1. Submit an application with detailed information on your institution and any specific training activities you wish to have considered by ACCO.
    - Note: If processing as a single event, we will request detailed documentation on program content, session descriptions, speakers and learning objectives (click here to download a sample application).  If processing as an annual provider, ACCO staff will request documentation on organizational background, mission and intended programming.
  2. Process the non-refundable application fee (the application fee will be applied as a credit to the overall accreditation cost)
  3. ACCO will schedule an interview with you to discuss the application content.
  4. If ACCO requests additional information through the interview process, you will be able to submit that information before a final determination is made.

Provider Guidelines

  • All education and training activities must have clearly articulated learning objectives that align with and/or support the Core Competencies for Climate Change Officers and Professionals.
  • For in-person activities, ACCO will furnish providers with sign-in sheets.  All attendees seeking elective and continuing education credits will be required to sign in at the beginning of each activity and sign out at the end of the activity.  Providers are responsible for managing this process.
  • For online activities, you must be able to track and document active participation in the training in lieu of sign-in sheets.
  • Providers are required to submit scanned copies of sign-in sheets to ACCO within 5 business days of the completion of the event or training activity.
  • Students are required to provide quantitative feedback to ACCO on the learning activity.  ACCO will conduct annual reviews of providers to ensure that activities are meeting learning objectives and quality controls.

Application Fee:

Single Event
(In-person only):

$295 (less than 3.5 hours)
$445 (up to 7 hours)
$595 (more than 7 hours)

Annual Provider
(up to 6 distinct activities):
$1,250/year (in person)
$1,750/year (in person & online)

Click here to download
a sample application.