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Climate-102: Understanding Climate Variability, Extreme Events, and Long-Term Climate Change

About the Training

There is inherent variability built into the Earth's natural systems, but anthropogenic disruption of the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans is leading to longer-term climatic changes that cannot be ignored. More frequent and more extreme occurrences of certain types of weather events associated with climate change also increasingly challenge resilience and recovery. This Bootcamp gives participants an understanding of current climatic trends and shorter-term consequences that is critical to ensuring the stability and long-term success of an organization. Participants will learn about longer-term natural climate trends as a baseline for understanding current human disruptions to the climate system.

Learning Objectives

  • Discerning the difference between climate variability and climate change
  • Understanding the difference between climate and weather
  • Assessing probability, magnitude and returns of extreme events
  • Understanding uncertainties and limitations of climate projections, and how and when extreme weather events might change:
  • Understanding IDF curves (intensity, duration, frequency)
  • Attributing extreme events or weather patterns to climate change
  • Understanding of regional / local examples as well as global data
  • Distinguishing between climate change and modern climate variability, and communicating these issues
  • Placing modern climate change in the context of long-term climate records


  • Tom Di Liberto – Meteorologist, NOAA Climate Prediction Center

Registration Information

  • Registration Fee: $50
  • Complimentary for ACCO members (login to ACCO member portal for discount to be applied automatically)

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