ACCO and the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) are teaming up to offer joint membership benefits to professionals working in the climate change and sustainability disciplines.

We are working collaboratively to advance the stature and credibility of practitioners working on climate change and sustainability in the public and private sectors.  The organizations are aligning efforts to be complementary, and serve a critical role in the deployment of sustainable and climate smart practices.

Join us in this partnership to take advantage of our many common benefits:

  • VIBRANT COMMUNITIES: Connect with peers, thought leaders and decision makers across sectors and industries through each organization’s online member portals.

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Free access to a broad suite of online training and professional development resources and discounts to fee-based programming.

  • KNOWLEDGE RESOURCES: Contribute and gain access to vast libraries featuring articles, white papers, reports, research synthesis, case studies and commentary.

  • CREDENTIALS: Chart your way to earning ISSP Sustainability Professional Credentials (ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP) and ACCO professional credentials (CC-P® & CC-O®).

  • ADVOCACY: Join forces with peer practitioners to establish a strong voice representing the climate change and sustainability communities of practice. Getting involved helps both organizations bring cohesion and definition to the emerging professions of climate change and sustainability.

Discounts are available no matter your current membership status. If you're a member of ACCO or ISSP and want to join the other organization, you get a $50 discount through the links below.  If you're not a member of either organization but would like to join both at one time, you'll also receive a $50 discount per the graphic above.  If you're an ISSP member who wants to join ACCO, or an ACCO member who wants to join ISSP, click the corresponding button below and enter the discount code partners-ISSP. Be sure to use your ACCO- or ISSP-affiliated email address when signing up!