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Colorado Communities Cooperative Launch Meeting


October 16, 2018 (10:30am - 4:00pm)

City Park Recreation Center (Westminster, CO)


The Colorado Communities Symposium Recap Report was published in February 2018 to provide a summary of key themes and action items, as well as a set of next steps for interested parties.

More than 90 action items were proposed during the facilitated town halls at the Colorado Communities Symposium. A call for proposals was subsequently announced inviting community leaders, non-profit organizations, higher education institutions and other third-parties to help administer and/or participate in a number of the proposed action items.

The State of Colorado and Compact of Colorado Communities invite you to a workshop that will bring stakeholders together to shape the Colorado Communities Cooperative, an initiative that would facilitate the ongoing collaboration of stakeholders supporting the action items stemming from the Colorado Communities Symposium, as well as new initiatives suggested by stakeholders.

We hope to establish a set of shared understandings among participants, and then leverage this gathering to serve as the platform launch of working groups and task forces for many of the action items.

Event Highlights:

  • Presentation of proposed guidelines for the Cooperative
  • Group discussion to shape and finalize membership guidelines
  • Breakout group discussions aligned with several dozen of theaction items from the Colorado Communities Symposium