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Houston Climate Adaptation Planning for Emergency Management Workshop (National Disaster Preparedness Training Center)

Register for this workshop to earn 6.5 hours applicable toward elective requirements for the Certified Climate Change Professional® (CC-P®) credential.

The purpose of this eight hour training course is to prepare the community and the emergency services sector for the climate adaptations and systems vulnerabilities that might occur from hazard impacts. The course is developed to enhance awareness to future climate hazards and impacts that the emergency services sector may face. Although this course will be developed and delivered with a national scope, it will emphasize the importance of the local emergency services sector.

The goal of this course is to provide participants with the ability to assess hazards, impacts, and vulnerabilities of local emergency systems. Participants will gain an understanding of how to identify and apply adaptation strategies to address local emergency services sector vulnerabilities. The course is also designed to provide opportunities for participants to learn about various resources that can be used to implement local climate adaptation strategies in their communities.

This course enhances the participants’ abilities to support their sector’s disaster preparedness and response activities. It provides participants with an understanding of:

  • Hazards information that may impact a local emergency services sector
  • Adaptation strategies to mitigate projected hazards
  • Resources to implement local adaptation strategies